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GP Corp mainly deals with over 30 thousand kinds of products made in China. From importation or made by the joint venture in different specs, including the various Chinese and western medicines, chemical medicines, medical raw materials, medical equipment, chemical reagent, glass apparatus as well as the healthcare products, among which more than one thousand products are distributed across region and even pan-China.

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Please input the name of the products or the address of the manufacturer in the corresponding textbox, and click the query button beside the textbox. Then you can get the information accord with the demand.
Multiple Queries
More precise information will be attained if both the name of the products and the address of the manufacturer are input. For example: to get the relative information about the tablet for treating common cold from the Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical General Factory, you will be attached to more specific information if both " the tablet for treating common cold" and "Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical General Factory" are entered, rather than either of them.